Candace and Heather PART TWO

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Candace and Heather PART TWO

About a week after our last outing, I was waiting for Heather by her locker before lunch. She came right on time, and I was greeted with a kiss.

"Hey babe. You ready for lunch?" I asked her
"Actually, I was thinking we could have a different sort of lunch today. How does that sound?" she replied.

I could barely concentrate on what she was saying with those /gorgeous/">gorgeous tits almost falling out of her skin tight tank top. She turned to put a book into her locker, and I could see the bottom curve of her ass hanging out of her skirt. I lightly brushed my hand against her asscheek, and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. I stared to get extraordinarily wet, and was tortured by the fact we had hours before we could leave school.

"Yeah, whatever you want Heather." I said, while thinking of pounding a dildo into my tortured pussy.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the old art room about fifteen /feet/">feet away. She closed the door behind me, and pushed a chair against the door to assure our privacy. She then grabbed my shirt and ripped it off of me, pushing her face into my bra, licking the cleavage in between. I unclasped my bra to let my tits free, and Heather wrapped her supple lips around my nipple. I moaned softly, and pushed her skirt down to the free porn movies download floor, revealing that /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. I rubbed my hands up and down each ass cheek, while Heather sucked away at my nipples, biting on my nipple rings and sending shocks of pleasure down my spine. I spanked her ass a few times before shoving a finger into her /asshole/">asshole. Her back curved in delight, and she moved her lips up to mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth. I began to pull my pants and thong down, while Heather took her top off, showing me she wasnt wearing a bra either. I nearly cummed at that moment. She then went to her purse, and pulled out a footlong, 3 inch thick cucumber. 

"Time for Lunch..." she smiled

I layed down on one of the desks, with my legs spread willingly. Heather began to ease the cucumber into me, but I knew I could take it all.

"Shove it in, I want it all in," I said.
"Ohhh Candace you little slut. I am going to fuck you so hard with this..." she replied.

She then jammed the entire cucumber into my tight little pussy. I gasped out in shock and utter pleasure. She pumped it in and out as quick as her hands could. I was shaking in pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy, and cummed all over her hands and the vegetable. She licked up the cum off her fingers, and then offered me the cucumber to taste. I licked my cum up, and told Heather to bend over. She quickly squated over, exposing her flawless asshole and pussy to me all at once. I took the cucumber, and pumped it quickly into full hd xvideo download her asshole, with Heather squeling in both pain and pleasure. I liked it when she screamed, I liked dominating her. I shoved the cucumber in and out of her tiny little asshole, while using my other hand to spank her tight little ass as hard as I could.

"Heather you're such a fucking slut. I want you to scream out my name. Scream it you fucking slut."
"CANDACE you fuck me so good. I'm a slut. Punish me."

With her permission, I shoved the cucumber fully into her asshole, all twelve inches. Heather screamed out and started to cum down her leg. I pulled the cucumber out, and then I licked the cum up, first off of her knees, working my tongue up her thighs, over to her asshole, and then to her little honey pot. I jotted my tongue in a few times, to get every drop, before nibbling on her slit for only a minute to bring her to a second orgasm, and my second taste of her /sweet/">sweet juice. We looked at the clock and realized we had only two minutes left, so we quickly got dressed and made out until the next class, tasting each other and our own juices.

I can say it was the best lunch I ever had.