My little is secret

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My little is secret

I'm Alex, 29 years old. My friends say that i'm hot.  I'm married to Tana, very hot and , much to real forced anal against her will the envy of my friends.  My Brad is in school now.  Though i have a ,  i'm unable to resist my desire to fuck other .  Speaking frankly,  I've fucked 3 after my marriage,  though my wife doesn't know it.

My wife had arranged a tution for my son who comes to teach him every evening for two hours. The teacher was a 23 year old hottie by the name Lisa who made me hot whenever i saw her. I yearned for a chance to fuck her. Less did i know that i was going to get my chance that evening. It was Sunday and my wife had invited me to attend the wedding of a friend of hers. I denied saying that i was very tired. She informed that she was taking my son along with her and that she would be back only by nine. She left at around six and i was all alone alone in the house. I dozed off.

I was awaken by the sound of door-bell at around seven thirty. I was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. I went and opened the door. My dream girl Lisa was standing there. She was wearing a tight t-shirt (without bra)and jeans that made me very hot. She had a superb figure with pretty , say 36 C maybe. "I came to check out if Brad had any assignment to submit tomorrow"she said. I chuckled at my luck and welcomed her inside. When she bent to remove her heels, i caught a glimpse of her cleavage. "Oh wow!How big they xnxxv sunny leone video are!"I thought to myself. "My wife and son have gone out to attend a marriage of a friend of hers. . . "i informed while observing her nips protruding through her shirt. My cock was becoming erect(but i didn't want it to)and it was already half way up. My was clearly visible as i wore only shorts. She had caught a glimpse of my erection though i had quickly turned away from her. "What happened Mr. Alex?Your sex senses seem to amazing"she mocked. "Oh!Excuse me. I'm embarrased. It's your costume that made me stumble. Sorry!"I blabbered. "No problem, Alex. I know how it feels. You make my everyday.

You are so hot the i am very much distracted while teaching your son". Did she jst say that?Oh, Wow!I'm on luck. I slowly went into my bedroom and she followed. "Let's get to work Alex, can we?"she asked and slowly proceeded towards me and jumped on me as we fell on the bed. I started with a kiss on her lips. We explored each other's mouth while i left my hands inside her shirt and played with her boobs. My fingers were rubbing her protruded nips. She broke apart from me and started removing her shirt until only one button remained. That button was still holding her shirt and did not reveal her boobs.

I grinned gleefully at my luck and waited until she was totally topless. Her cute pink nips on her bouncy boobs were already erect waiting for my tongue. I grabbed her boobs and started kissing on each of it. I let my tongue play on both her nips for quite some time. I slowly moved down kissing all the way to her clit. I was kissing and licking all over her clit. She let a low moan and whispered"Don't stop Alex. You're amazing. Make me cum". Stop?I was not even thinking of it. I had waited for this chance for the past few months. As a continued a bit longer, i realized that she had begun to cum.

I let pussy juice straight into my mouth and gulped all of it. "It's my turn"she said and pulled out my fully erect, and let it into her mouth. She was much better in sucking than my wife, I'd say. She gave me extreme pleasure bylicking at the tip of my cock and moments later, i was cumming. I could see her drinking the white liquid from my cock. When she was finished, i fetched the condoms and wore it. I fucked her enjoying the maximum pleasure of fucking a sexy, while she was moaning"You're fucking hot, Alex". Thanks to my lucky stars, i was fucking a hottie whom i yearned to fuck.

Minutes later, we were dressed up and it was already eight thirty. I had had one hour of pleasure with a fucking hot angel. "Call me when you're free and ALONE!You were extremely hot Alex. It's our little(?) secret. I'll see to it that your wife doesn't get to know about it". She gave me her phone number and left much before my wife and son returned.

"There is an Alex inside everyone of us. So, don't hesitate when you get the chance"