The cute Asian girl

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The cute Asian girl

This is a story of opportunism, but mutual opportunism.

A few weeks earlier I?d met a /cute/">cute little /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl during a false fire alarm at the hospital accommodation I used to live in. She was about 5?2? short, with a lovely tight figure. Whilst waiting around outside for the all clear we figured out that she lived in the room above me and had heard the results of my recent sexploits the previous two Saturday nights.

As the all clear was announced she turned to head back indoors and up to her room... looked back over her shoulder and said ?maybe you could come up and see me sometime?, winked and strolled away sexily swaying her rather shapely bum.

For the few weeks that followed I didn?t see her, but did wonder and (I admit) fantasize about what she would have been like naked and riding me with her small firm boobs above her flat sexy tum? Pierced belly button maybe? Long dark hair flowing down her back as she arches her back to orgasm?

Then one Friday evening I was on the way back from a post-work social and contemplating popping up to see if she was in when I saw a girl ahead of me down the road with a really sexy bum in tight white jeans. The kind of bum you want to run your hands over and playfully squeeze, the kind you?d love to get to grips with whilst the girl runs cowgirl on top of you. That reminded me even more of the Asian girl living upstairs. My eye?s scanned down her slim legs.. and up past her bum... up her back to her long black hair. Her bare shoulders and slim arms outside of a skinny black top. So I walked a little quicker to get a closer look. As I got close, the girl looked over her shoulder and said ?Hi stranger. Was thinking I might have to call out the fire brigade just to see you alain lyle porn again?.
?hi?, I said. ?Would you believe I was just about to pop up and see if you were around??

?Really? she quizzed, raising her eye-brows.
?Honestly?. I claimed.

?Sure.? She mused.

After that we just chatted casually all the way back, flirted a little. She was really /gorgeous/">gorgeous too. Lovely big brown eyes. I really tried to focus on her eyes, and not the moderately low front to her black top. Which I am telling you was seriously difficult.
Back at the hospital accommodation I walked her up to her room. She stood at her bedroom door, turned to face me. Looked me in the eyes. ?So??

?So... my place or yours?? I asked.

?I meant, so are you going to check out my chest or keep straining to keep eye contact?? flicked her shoulders back and pushed her chest out. I think she smiled, but by that point I?d gone south with my gaze.

?You noticed?? I asked, whilst noticing the distinct lack of a bra, but certainly not lack of shape! She had great, perky firm breasts which I could see clearly between... now I had the green light.

?You?re a man and I?m wearing a top where you can easily see between my boobs, of course you want to look?. ?But thanks for trying anyway?

?You?re welcome?, I added.

?You can stop looking at my boobs now?, she added. Pulling the indian santali xvideo front of her top up a little.

?So are you going to invite me in?? I asked.

?Was actually thinking of going downstairs to yours?, she admitted.

?OK, tea? Coffee? Juice? Pizza?? I asked

?Definitely juice? she said with a grin ?but not orange juice? as her hand checked how aroused I was.

?I take some juicing? smirked I, getting what kind of juice she was hoping for.

?We?ll see about that? as she grabbed my hand and led me downstairs.

Down in my room, I caressed her hair, cheek, neck and shoulders. Kissed her, softly at first. Her soft moist lips, with a hint of strawberry lipbalm. Such a delicate, gentle kiss. Caressing her lower back.. and then, finally, that excellent bum. I think she noticed my kisses become more urgent as I explored her ass with my hands.

?I guess that means you approve of my ass? she purred into my ear as she slipped out of our kiss.

?Best ever? I whispered into her ear.

?So, ass or boobman? she smirked as she flicked her black top over her head and threw it on the floor beside my bed.

Those breasts were every bit as perky as I?d dreamed, cute little nipples too. Her tum was so slim and sexy I wondered how long I?d last when I finally got into her. Just the thought of her small firm breasts bounding with every thrust almost made me shudder ?Now that is a dilemma? I admitted, clearly impressed by her chest.

?Hold on a second, I?m not done yet? she said as she turned her back on me, undid her jeans, bent down to touch toes and then slid her jeans down her legs. Showing me her fine ass with just a small lacy pair of which panties. Standing back up, looking seductively over her shoulder. ?So, bum or boobs??

?You do know that you are stunningly fit??

?Sure, I have to work to keep this body? now with her hands on her hips facing me.

?I think I need to explore every inch of your beautiful body. /breasts/perfect-breast/">perfect breast, great bum, but that is just the start?

?Thanks? she blushed

I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to one side. Started to unfasten my trousers... and felt her hands suddenly all over my chest. He lips on mine, her breasts against my chest and her hands taking over slipping my trousers down.

Stepping out of my trousers as she released my now huge /erection/">erection from my pants I noticed the mirror in the room. ?Hey check us out? I suggested gesturing towards the mirror.

She looked across, there we were, chest to breast, my erection pushed into her tum, hands cupping her /cute/cute-ass/">cute ass, her arms grasping my shoulders. ?hum, kinky? she mused with a big grin and wide eyes.

?Hope you?re ready to be smashed senseless all night!? I stated.

?Promises, promises? she purred. ?Don?t you let me down after saying a thing like that.?

?Oh don?t worry about that, with your figure I?ll be going for hours!?

She then slip down my chest and began teasing my penis. Sliding my foreskin all the way back. Dancing the tip of her tongue around my exposed bell. Eventually slipping half my length inside her mouth. Sliding up and down, keeping those big brown eyes focussed on my gaze the whole time. As I got closer and closer to losing control she slowed her movement.. Whenever I felt I was starting to get control back, she?d speed up again. Suddenly she stopped. Looked up at me, smiled and said ?bend your knees!?

?? Pardon?? I enquired just as she but her hands behind my knees and persuaded me to bend a little.... until my penis was level with her boobs. Then she pushed her chest forward and cupped her breasts around my length with my tip pointing out the top.

I didn?t need an invitation and started to slowly buck into her chest. ?Faster? she demanded. ?I want to see what my pussy is in for later!?

?All the way?? I asked, quickening my pace.

?Yeah?, she grinned. ?I said I wanted some juice?.

?Let me hold ?em? I demanded, taking over the cupping of her breasts. Holding them firm around my penis as I kept stroking through. Her hands then grasping my buttocks, inviting me to be firmer.

?Great ass yourself? she told me. ?sooo looking forward to feeling all that power between my legs later?

I looked across at the mirror again. A /gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl between my legs, grasping my buttocks, with me smashing between her firm breasts.

I wasn?t much longer before I warned her that juice was about to be served. It had been a few days since I?d last come, so there was plenty of juice for her. As I straightened my knees, I looked down and saw her arching her back, wiping my juice off her chest and breasts with her fingers, then sucking them clean. ?Not /bad/">bad? she smiled. ?Come here with that? she added, sitting up and taking my penis in her mouth. Sucking it clean, sucking like a girl that really enjoys juice!

?That?s your favour, my turn now? she said as she slipped her panties off, sat on my bed, opened her legs and leaned back, arching her back, showing off her perfect tum and firm breasts. ?If you are really good, you might some juice out of me too?, she added.

?Deal? I added, kneeling down in front of her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

But that is a story for the next instalment!