First time with a close friend

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First time with a close friend

I was 18 years old at the time. I played bass in a band with a few friends of mine. We had a friend who works as a recording engineer, and he offered to record our demo for us and let us do the mixing. We decided it would be fun to work an all nighter in the studio, but our friend who owned the studio went to sleep. It was just me and another guy in the band who stayed that night to work. We got alot done, quicker than we thought and we got pretty bored. We started playing around with the computers he had, when my friend called me over to one of the monitors. 

I looked over his shoulder to see one of the hottest /orgy/">orgy scenes I ever saw playing on the screen. I was a little shocked, because I never knew him to look at porn before. After that clip ended he turned to me and asked if I wanted to see a few more. I said sure, after all, Im always up for some /good/good-porn/">good porn. He added some more clips to the play list and started playing them. We watched for a while, and when I looked down I noticed him rubbing his dick, which had obviously gotten pretty hard. He finally couldnt take it any more and asked if I minded if he jacked off. I had seen his dick before when we would shower after working out at the /gym/">gym together, but I never saw it hard. From what I saw, he was pretty well equiped, Id guess about 7 inches, with a sac that hang low, with big juicy balls. 

I had often fantasized about him while jacking off alone, and always wondered if he thought the same about me. I said I wouldnt mind if he jacked off, as long as he didnt mind if I did. He stood up and took his shirt off, revealing his firm chest and flat stomach I had often stared at while spotting him on the bench press. He dropped his pants and stood there, completely nude with a unit I couldnt believe. It was pushing nine inches, with a thick, deep purple head that I wanted to wrap my lips around. I tried not to stare, cause I didnt want to be labeled a queer. I stripped too, and even though my cock wasnt as big as his, only about 7 inches, it was thicker and veinier than his. He looked at me and said very nice, with a seductive look in his eyes. That kinda startled me, cause he had sexxxx video ful hd a /girlfriend/">girlfriend who I knew he had sex with several times. I wanted really badly to have sex with him, jacking off next to him wasnt good enough. As I turned my eyes to the screen, I saw 4 or 5 huge, nuscular black /ass/guys-ass/">guys ass pounding and sucking each other off. 

Before I could say anything, he turned to me and said, "if you want, I can turn this one off, I just like this stuff once and a while." I didnt want to ruin the mood, so I said, "no, I actually like it too." He smiled and turned his eyes back to the screen. I said to him, "Hey, Todd, I dont really jack off to much, I was wondering if you knew any ways to make it feel better?" Of course I was lying, I was practically addicted to jacking off, but I was trying to find a way to get that dick in my mouth. He said, "Yeah sure, Id be glad to help you." He took his free hand that he was feeling his balls with wiped some of the precum off he tip of his dick. He rubbed it all over the head of my dick, his touch made me shutter with delight. He began to rub my dick and stroke it up and down. It felt xxx sex video download free com so good, I could feel my balls about to explode. I said to him, "Im about to cum, but I dont wanna do it this way." He stopped and looked at me, he said, "What do you mean not this way?" 

I decided to stop beating around the bush and said, "Todd, I wanna fuck you up the ass." A huge smile came across his face and before I could explain, he got down on his knees and bent over his chair. I knelt down and prepared to penetrate his /sweet/">sweet, firm ass. As I began to put my dick in, he let out a moan and squeezed his ass muscles around my shaft. It felt so good I thought I was going to orgasm right then. I went further in and began pumping, only a few minutes later, I said I was ready to cum. He told me he wanted it on his face, so I pulled out and he turned around. He tenderly licked the precum off my tip and began jacking me off. I ejaculated with more force than ever before, blasting stream after stream of silky, whit jism all over his face and chest. It felt so good that I almost fell down on the floor. He reached back and massaged my ass cheaks, as he licked the rest of the cum off my dick. He stood up and started kiss me, putting some of my cum into my own mouth. It was then my turn to go down on him, I knelt and began sucking as powerfully as I could. A few minutes later he orgasmed with at least twice the force of mine. 

Some of the cum went over my head and landed on the hard wood floor. I moved my head so the rest went right into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. We layed down on the floor together, kissing each other, lying in the pool of both our cum mixed together. It was about 2 in the morning when we fell asleep, and a few hours later we woke up with the light streaming in on our naked bodies. We dressed and wiped up the cum, then we left for home. Since then, weve had several more encounters, but now that weve gone off to /college/">college, we dont see much of eachother. Oh well, there are plently of other fine looking men around this campus.